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Description: The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding for eligible participants to live somewhere away from their routine care environment for a brief period. It is usually done to provide a short break for the primary caregivers of the participant. This support known as NDIS Short Term Accommodation including respite provides opportunities for the participants to try new things in life. Not only does it provide time for the caregivers to regain their energy but also improves the social skills and other capabilities of the participants. Although this support bears the term ‘accommodation’ in its title, this is not an alternative for home and other living options. STA& MTA including respite is only funded for up to 28 days which the participants can utilise in chunks of 14 days at once or one weekend per month. This support covers the cost of your meals, daily personal care, accommodation and even capacity-building activities that you have agreed to. Respite care support is not to be utilised for holidays or as a temporary alternative to waiting your time out while home renovations are going on. The NDIS will fund Respite Care Supportonly if it is found to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ and ‘value for money.’ You can access the assistance of support workers to help you maintain your functional capacity and build your skills while your loved ones or other primary caretakers experience respite. Aastha is a registered NDIS service provider In perth, WA, who can help you understand the nuances of Short-Term Accommodation including respite. We can guide you in the right direction and connect you with Respite Care Support providers. We can tell you whether this particular support is a right fit for your NDIS plan or not. Contact us today to know more about our support and services. Our services are available across the cities of Western Australia.

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